Jesus And Mary Sr. Sec. School


Sports & Games

A regular feature for promoting physical fitness, develop motor skill and install knowledge. Student are encouraged to get involved in various types of sports like Athletics, Handball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Etc.

Martial Art & Karate

A self-defence training is a regular feature and compulsory for all students. Many students has reached up to national level and brought pride and honour for their school.

Abacus Classes

Abacus vedic mathematic classes to nourish a student's mind with a quick & enjoyful technique in calculation to sharp their I Q Level. It is how being used by the entire world to turn on the mental abilities of young brain. We provide regular abacus class for our students.

Meditation & Yoga

Regular classes for all the students as they crate balance in our body by developing strength, flexibility a peaceful state of mind and gain better concentration power.

Library Science Lab Computer Lab